Share files, links, images

… and capture screenshots with just one single click!

First of all, we should create a new verb meaning „to share something“. Anything - files, folders, images, captured screenshots, long web page links, … From today on, we should say to Fii someting. The time of Fiiing has come.

Fii is a completely free online sharing application which brings visualization to your online conversation. You can show your co-worker, friend, teacher, boss, parents or whomever you want a part of your screen with a single mouse click. Press the Print Screen key, with your mouse simply select the screen area you want to send to someone else and press Enter. That's it. Your clipboard will be filled with link that you can just paste to the conversation you are having. The same easy way you can send files or even whole folders - just copy the files and/or folders you want to send to the clipboard and double-click the Fii Project tray icon. The clipboard content will be uploaded to our Fii Project servers which will then generate a new link and insert it into your clipboard. Paste the link to your conversation and you're done.

For more information, see the Features page or Download it right now.