… Fii Project highlights

Print Screen key hook
Press the Print Screen key on your keyboard and the transparent snipping tool shows up. Use your mouse to select an area. Pressing the Enter key sends the selected area screen capture to Fii server, pressing the Esc key saves selected area into the clipboard. It's possible to press ALT+PrintScreen to automatically preselect an active window area.

Transparent snipping tool
You can select an area with your mouse, Enter sends the selection to Fii server and Escape saves the selected area into your clipboard. You can use your mouse wheel button to move selected area (just press and hold the mouse wheel button down inside your selection and move around). You can use keyboard arrows to move the selection by some pixels or use ALT+arrows to adjust its size.

Multiple monitors support
True multiple monitors support, the positions don't matter.

Folders and multiple files upload
Fii supports sending of multiple files or whole folders together. Select more files and/or folders, press Control+C and then double-click the Fii tray icon. The folders and/or files will be compressed, uploaded to Fii server and a URL to these will be pasted into your clipboard.

URL shortening
Have you ever wanted to send someone a veeeery long web link via SMS? Or spell it to someone on the phone? Use Fii to shorten the link! Copy the long link to your clipboard and double-click the Fii tray icon. You now have a short form of that exact link in your clipboard. Send it to that person. Pasting this link into someones' browser will lead to immediate redirect to the original long link.

Smart upload links (hashes)
Fii will generate nice and short links (hashes) without numbers and similar characters like O, 0, i, l, 1. Fii will automatically generate even better (much more human readable) hashes for certain upload types (e.g. URL shortenings). You can force Fii to make these human readable hashes every time by holding the SHIFT key down while invoking upload action.

Uploads history context menu
You can see all your uploads' history in Fii tray icon context menu.

Automatic updates
Thanks to automatic update feature, your Fii application will always be up-to-date.

MIME type auto detection
Fii servers automatically detect the uploads MIME types based on its content, not extension. So all links serves correct MIME types to all clients' browsers.

Image format auto detection
When you upload your screen capture, Fii automatically decides whether it's better to upload it as a JPG or PNG based not only on its file size, but also on an intelligent file size-quality decision algorithm.

Hot linking available
There is no middle html layer between your uploads and real content. You can use hot linking of images.

Registration-free service
Don't bug about registration. This service is completely registration-free.

Setup filesize minimized
Fii application setup is only 393 KiB! I do my best to keep it small and simple.

Long links auto detection
Fii automatically detects a long URL (web link with more than 128 characters) in your clipboard and offers you its shortening.

QR code generator
Fii can generate QR codes for its links. Just write "?qr" after the link in your browser and Fii will generate QR code image for you.